Philip Moody

Phil currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of Ventoux Pharma, a preclinical company developing a proprietary nanoparticle delivery system designed to selectively deliver drugs to cancer cells.  Prior to Ventoux Pharma, Phil served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Dolorna, Inc.  Phil had previously served as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Finance and Operations of Peplin, Inc. an Australian listed company and as Vice President, Finance and Operations at Chiron Corporation, a biotechnology company acquired by Novartis AG in 2006.  Chiron’s Biopharmaceuticals business employed approximately 2,200 people and recorded revenue of $800 million.  From 1995 until the purchase of Chiron by Novartis, Mr. Moody held positions of increasing seniority at Chiron, including Vice President of Finance and Chief Accounting Officer.  While in Biopharmaceuticals, Phil was responsible for all financial aspects of the business, and during his tenure he managed many other activities including collaborations with Schering AG, Nektar, Xoma, and BioMimetic.  Phil has extensive experience as an executive in multiple industries, having been at IBM, ROLM and Arthur Andersen and served as a consultant with numerous other companies, both public and private.