Local Issues

Local governmental bodies (city, county, regional) are becoming increasingly important to the life science industry. BayBio provides representation and ongoing dialogue between the industry, local elected officials, and other members of the area’s communities. BayBio advocates at this level of policy-making and engagement throughout the Bay Area.

Recent Activities:

  • The City and County of San Francisco passed Proposition E in 2012, which changed their business tax collection from a payroll method to a payroll/gross receipts method. BayBio is working with City Hall to ensure that revenues used for research and development within pre-commercial companies are not taxed the same as revenues within profitable companies.  This will ensure that startup companies in Mission Bay remain competitive for partnering opportunities and various public and private grants.  More information on Proposition E can be found here.
  • Several local governments continue to pursue legislation regarding extended producer responsibility.  Alameda County in the East Bay passed a drug-take-back measure in 2012 that BayBio opposed and testified against at County Board hearings. A lawsuit has been filed to overturn the ordinance, and BayBio continues to monitor the legal proceedings. More information can be found here.
    Meanwhile, Contra Costa County held a public stakeholder meeting in 2013 regarding drug-take-back, and is contemplating a law similar to the Alameda measure, while the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors has instructed county officials to investigate and provide recommendations for drug and sharps takeback programs.
  • The Cities of Berkeley and Richmond in the East Bay are each proposing GMO-labeling for their city’s respective foods and stores. As these measures are debated on these city levels, BayBio works with a coalition of those who helped us defeat Proposition 37 on the statewide ballot which would have put forward labeling requirements for all of California. More information on these cities’ proposals can be found for Berkeley here  and for Richmond here.
  • BayBio works with local government to address transportation infrastructure needs and issues as they arise.  In 2013, we participated in months of discussion with other business leaders throughout the Bay Area to speak out on the negative impacts of a shutdown of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) during contract negotiations with its Board and representative unions. BayBio has jointly spoken out on these concerns with such public letters as here and here.
  • Proposition D in San Francisco, which articulates a general policy statement on prescription drug pricing, passed in November 2013. BayBio will continue to dialogue with the City’s leaders, and provide education on how drugs are priced in public and private arenas. Read the ballot measure starting on page 69 here.