Federal Issues

BayBio is engaged on behalf of the life science industry in multiple ways through strategic collaborations and direct lobbying in Washington, D.C. This includes participating in the annual BIO fly-in, coordinating with other California institutions on advocacy outreach, working with Advamed and MDMA on device outreach and lobbying, and partnering with the National Venture Capital Association and other entities involved in helping to shape the public debate in Washington. Through this coordinated approach, outreach with regulators in FDA, CMS and HHS as well as Congress and the Administration, BayBio is able to play an instrumental role in the development and enactment of policies that are critical to keeping the life science and medical device industry alive and thriving so that they can continue to develop innovative technologies that help to heal, fuel and feed the world.

Critical federal  issues that impact Bay Area companies that BayBio has weighed in on include:

  • The Therapeutic Discovery Project Tax Credit
  • Follow-on-biologics
  • Venture capital funding
  • Angel investor funding
  • SBIR reauthorization
  • Small business credits
  • Green credits
  • 510k regulatory process
  • R&D Tax Credit

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