BayBio unites with other life science advocates to impact policies affecting Northern California’s life science companies.

Government AffairsBayBio works with policy makers at all levels of government to inform the conversation surrounding issues facing the life science industry in California, including regulatory, tax, environmental, and coverage/reimbursement issues. BayBio members drive our public policy agenda through the BayBio government relations and public policy committees. Together, we develop and implement strategies for fulfilling the life science community’s public policy objectives.

BayBio’s role in shaping policy for life sciences organizations in Northern California is widely recognized, and our staff is regularly called upon to provide expert testimony before regulatory and legislative bodies.  BayBio leverages the Bay Area’s bioscience leadership position in the world to facilitate the growth and success of our community through government affairs.

To do this, BayBio’s Government Relations Committee works with policymakers at all levels on a coordinated set of public policy initiatives. This Committee focuses on legislative and regulatory policy at the State level. Priority activities include: coverage of critical legislation & regulatory policy, educating public officials about biotechnology, engendering a supportive research climate, encouraging greater support for life science entrepreneurship, and simplifying the regulatory environment, among other issues. BayBio also follows federal and regional issues and focuses on long-term relationships with policymakers at these respective levels of government.

If you’d like to submit an issue or policy concern, please contact the BayBio Team at with a summary and your contact information. Please write “Policy” in the subject line. All submissions are reviewed by the BayBio Committees and BayBio Team.