Collaboration Policy

BayBio hosts several events throughout the year, including exclusive events for emerging bioscience companies (BayBioNEST), facility managers and environmental health and safety personnel, legislative briefings, and other events surrounding time-sensitive issues. BayBio also co-sponsors a limited number of events around the region, including seminars, informative talks and discussions, and regional conferences.

Generally, BayBio supports events located within Northern California, or events with a particular focus on and of a particular importance to the Northern California’s life science industry.

BayBio supports events produced by the life science companies (wet & dry side, devices, diagnostics and healthcare), non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, professional societies and local economic development agencies. BayBio does not sponsor events that are commercial in nature, such as marketing and promotion type events, and corporately produced for-profit conferences and events. All Co-Sponsorship and Collaboration proposals must be received in writing for review by BayBio staff. Please submit proposals to

As a rule, BayBio does not provide financial support – our support is limited to event marketing and promotion. BayBio will provide the following items:

  1. BayBio will include co-sponsored events on the BayBio Community Calendar with a hyperlink to the event web site or registration page.
  2. BayBio will include a one paragraph description of the event in its monthly Events e-mail blasts from the day of the agreement through the day of the event with a hyperlink to the event’s web site or registration page. Please note: BayBio does not share its e-mail list with any third parties.
  3. BayBio may supply shipping labels to promote a co-sponsored event. Shipping labels will be provided directly to the event producer’s mailing facility. Alternatively, marketing materials could be shipped to BayBio mailing house for shipment (all shipping costs must be pre-paid by the event producer). Mailing can be directed at all bioscience companies in the region and, depending on the program, our non-bioscience company members.
  4. If requested, BayBio will identify appropriate companies and provide event organizers with the appropriate industry speaker contact information. However, it is a primary event organizer’s responsibility to contact and confirm all event speakers.

Recognition of BayBio Support

While specific arrangements usually vary from event to event, generally we ask event organizers to provide the following benefits in recognition of our support:

  1. BayBio members to receive a special discount off regular event registration cost.  (Event producer needs to submit names of the registrants claiming BayBio discount, so we can confirm their status)
  2. BayBio name and logo to be included on all appropriate conference electronic and hard copy mailings, as well as event webpage with a hyperlink to
  3. If appropriate, we ask that BayBio receives an opportunity to introduce speaker(s) and/or speaking opportunities/panel discussion participation.
  4. Normally, BayBio requests a display space at the event or any other alternative opportunity to distribute BayBio membership and BayBio programs information.
  5. For co-hosted event review and quality assurance purposes, we usually request that BayBio staff is provided with up to two complimentary admissions to the event.
  6. Finally, upon completion of the co-sponsored event, we usually ask for a complete attendee list, including e-mail addresses, to be shared with us.

Approval Process

All Co-Sponsorship and Collaboration proposals must be received in writing for.. In order to be properly considered, please submit your proposal at least two months in advance of the event. Final Co-Sponsorship and Collaboration decision rests with the BayBio President. Upon request, Co-Sponsorship and Collaboration agreements can be customized around specific event needs.